04.20.18Nelson Riveros Trio @The Bar Next Door

Performing with my trio at the cozy and intimate Bar Next Door on Friday April 20th three sets: 7:30, 9:30, 11:30

03.06.18'Latin Side of Wes Momntgomery'

Playing at the Zinc Bar on March 6th for Wes Montgomery's birthday . my Latin arrangements of Wes Montgomery's music with my quartet.
Sets are 8 and 10PM

02.14.18Valentines Day Gig at Blue Moon Restaurant

I'll be playing a Valentines Day gig at the Blue Moon Restaurant in Englewood on Weds. February 14th 7-10PM
Nelson Riveros- guitar/vocals
Thomson Kneeland - bass
Steve Johns -drums

12.20.14Performed with MISTS: Charles Ives For Jazz Orchestra

On November 12th, I had the great honor of performing the music of Charles Ives set for Jazz Orchestra at the Cutting Room in NYC. There were 8 selected pieces of Ives\' folk songs arranged, directed and conducted by Dr. Jack T. Copper, Associate Professor at the University of Memphis. The Big Band featured many of New York\'s best musicians including, Luis Bonilla, Ivan Renta, Jim Seeley, Scott Wentholt, John Mosca, Vince Cherico, Andy McKee and many others.
The recording of this music is called MISTS: Charles Ives for Jazz Orchestra

11.19.14Music Isalnd Gazette

This month I'm featured on this newsletter by a wonderful guitarist names Ricardo Gautreau. Enjoy

07.16.14Celebrate Summer in Midtown 2014

Performing for Celebrate Summer in Midtown for July 16th.
Kalikow The Plaza 101 Park Ave. Park Ave. @ East 40th Street
Celebrate Summer in Midtown 2014.: Nelson Riveros Quintet.
Nelson Riveros-guitar, Ricky Rodriquez-bass, Mike Eckroth-piano, Mauricio Zottarelli- drums, Paulo Stagnaro- percussion.

02.01.13Guitar and Piano duo concert

On Friday February 1st, I'll be performing a duo concert with Colombian pianist and composer, Gabriel Guerrero. Latin and Brazilian standards at the Crestwood Music Education Center in Eastchester , N.Y.

12.29.11Review of Camino al Barrio by John Barron of thejazzword.blogspot.com

"Riveros has developed the chops as a performer and composer to take the lead on a release that is rhythmically vibrant, musically challenging and, perhaps most refreshing, accessible."
John Barron ~ thejazzword.blogspot.com

11.09.11My interview with Victor Solano for his music segment 'Aca Entre Nos' on UNIVISION CH. 41 Saturday November 5th 2011

09.13.11Pictures from Van Dyke Cafe gig in Miami 9/8/11

09.01.11Performing with Jeremy Wall of Spyro Gyra

I'm having the pleasure of performing with former keyboardist and founding member of Spyro Gyra Jeremy Wall, on Palisades Ave in Englewood N.J. in front of the Blue Moon Cafe on Thursday September 15th at 6pm. Along with Tony Cimiros on bass and David Silliman on drums. Should be a fun night!

06.28.11Camino Al Barrio Review at Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

Right from the start Riveros captures the listener with crisp clear tone and sophisticated lines. The disc's driving opener "Caipirinha", moves with tight grooves and intense improvisation. While the disc is primarily a Latin Jazz project, there are two classic standards performed in straight-ahead fashion with a Latin twist (Darn That Dream and It's All Right With Me). Riveros is an exceptional guitarist and demonstrates a blend of modern lines ad grooves over jazz harmony. The band is tight with a deep sense of groove. Grammy nominated pianist Martignon is featured throughout. The percussion and bass blend well and hold the groove together perfectly. The addition of Rafalides on vibes is a great touch and the vibes add a sense of smoothness to the sound. This is a fantastic album well worth a listen. - Eric Elias Just Jazz Guitar

03.21.11Winterfest: Nelson Riveros performs at Macari Vineyards & Winery

03.08.11Nelson Riveros Interview: New York Latin Jazz Guitar


12.14.102010 Latin Jazz Corner Best Of The Year Awards

Dear Friends,
I'm really happy to announce that I have been nominated in two categories at the Latin Jazz Corner 2010 Awards. [Next Generation Artist, Best Latin Jazz Guitar] I feel honored to be chosen and remembered among so many great musicians of the Latin community.
Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please visit the LJC site and cast your vote. Thanks to the great musicians who contributed to this project: Hector Martignon, Armando Gola, Ernesto Simpson, Samuel Torres, Christos Rafalides, and Andres Garcia.
The CD 'CAMINO AL BARRIO" is available at CDBABY and iTunes.

12.09.10Review of Camino Al Barrio at Latinjazznet.com

Nelson Riveros is one of the most proficient melodic guitarists inhabiting the world of music today.

12.09.10"Nelson Riveros is one of the most proficient melodic guitarists inhabiting the world of music today" Raul de Gama -LatinJazzNet.com

11.25.10My CD 'Camino Al Barrio' #21 on the Jazz Week World Chart

11.19.10Camino Al Barrio review at Midwest Record

11.15.10Camino Al Barrio at Latin Jazz Network Radio Juke Box

My song 'Camino Al Barrio' featured on the Latin Jazz Network Juke Box

11.05.10Camino Al Barrio review at Latin Jazz Corner

Guitarist Nelson Riveros paints wonderful picture of his experiences on Camino Al Barrio with a stirring Latin Jazz album that draw upon many worlds.
His guitar playing leaps off the recording, revealing an insightful improviser with a firm grasp on melodic construction and artistic finesse. Riveros’ improvisations flow through the recording with the thematic fluidity of Metheny while maintaining a traditional jazz approach to playing through the changes.

As a composer, Riveros displays a firm grasp on harmony and a bluesy melodic sense that links him to the great hard bop and soul jazz writers. He places these ideas in a Latin Jazz context, but balances the two worlds evenly; South American and Caribbean rhythms support the songs, but they never overwhelm them or get lost. Martignon consistently appears as a strong voice, contributing inspired improvisations, solid support, and an experienced attitude. Rafalides provides a sympathetic voice that blends beautifully with Riveros’ guitar, providing tonal variation and harmonic variation. Simpson, Torres, and Gola drive the album with a smart combination of Latin rhythms and jazz spontaneity, playing with solid groove and interactive commentary. The revealing choice of repertoire on Camino Al Barrio paints Riveros as an interesting artist with a broad background, leaving us excited to hear about the next chapter in his life.

10.25.10Camino Al Barrio review at All About Jazz

The album's sizzling opener "Caipirinha," inhabits obvious authentic Brazilian grooves, in a primarily Latin jazz project that also happens to contain a couple of classic standards performed in straight-ahead fashion with a Latin twist. The album features a core quintet of area players that include fellow countryman and Grammy-nominated pianist Hector Martignon and expands the cast with special guests such as Greek vibraphonist Christos Rafalides, a member of the Latin and World music group Manhattan Vibes.

Launching a series of firm riffs in front of drummer Ernesto Simpson and percussionist Samuel Torres,, the original percussive "Blue Cha-Cha" is an exciting driving piece of music enjoying fine accompaniment from Rafalides. Jimmy Van Huesen's standard, "Darn That Dream," is awakened to a much livelier tempo and beckons repeated spins, highlighted by some of the guitarist's best chops on the album. Obviously an exceptional guitarist, Riveros demonstrates another one of his talents by voicing the beautiful Luis Demetrio love song, "La Puerta," a song on where Martignon is especially pronounced.

Young guitarist and rising Latin jazz artist Nelson Riveros walks through a landscape of Latin, Brazilian and contemporary jazz on Camino Al Barrio; an adventurous debut outing with outstanding musicianship and impressive material sure to bring well-deserved attention.

10.23.10Camino Al Barrio review at SomethingElseReviews

A lot of "Latin-flavored" contemporary jazz gets pigeonholed into the smooth jazz category, and the music on Camino Al Barrio is certainly smooth, but Riveros avoids the pitfalls of that idiom by keeping his arrangements clean and his songs---six of the ten tracks were self-composed---from being too formulaic. And just because Riveros is of Colombian descent doesn't necessarily make this a "Colombian" record; the festive first track "Caipirinha" is actually evocative of a Brazilian Carnival; the name even comes from the name of Brazil's most popular cocktail. "Blue Cha-Cha" is pretty descriptive, a "cha-cha" that may not use any blue chord progressions, but Riveros' guitar solo does show a bit of blues-jazz phrasing in it. "Los Primo" is the lone song where Rafalides and Garcia both play on, and they add a little richness to the harmonics without adding any heft. However, what I like about this song the most is the intricately constructed melody, especially that deceptively tricky bridge.

Riveros straps on an acoustic guitar and takes a vocal turn on his ballad "La Puerta," singing in a pleasingly romantic Spanish tongue, but not overly romantic. Two covers are tackled here as well: Jimmy Van Huesen's "Darn That Dream" is set to a sprightly boss nova styled rhythm and the album closer, Cole Porter's "It's All Right With Me," starts off a little slow and builds up to a a brisk, bebop pace. Once again, demonstrating Riveros is not limiting himself to a handful of narrowly defined styles, this song is performed as a straight jazz way, and done with vigor and plenty of chops all around.

Self-released last month, Camino Al Barrio is a crisp, breezy affair of small group Latin-flavored jazz. Nelson Riveros knows how to serve it up not too heavy or not too light, and always sunny side up.